Everyone’s Blood Pressure Shouldn’t Be The Same

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Everyone’s Blood Pressure Shouldn’t Be The Same

Our body does an excellent job of regulating our blood pressure, assuring we will receive adequate delivery of both oxygen and nutrients, as well as the effective removal of toxins throughout the body and brain. Although, when we attempt to lower that pressure with drugs designed to override the rather complex but very efficient regulatory system, some cells will soon suffer from a deficiency, normally due to restrictions in the blood vessels. There are actually several natural chelation formulas available. They normally contain the chelator EDTA, along with various minerals and amino acids, and gradually remove the plaque in the arteries. Due to gravity, the brain is the organ that is usually at the greatest risk. By deliberately constricting some arteries, and dilating others, the body can assure that the demand will be met, (a critical process suppressed by some blood pressure medications). Another class referred to as beta-blockers, actually slow the heart rate when it should be increasing, such as during exercise. Then according to Sherry Rogers, M.D., the blood pressure medications referred to as calcium channel blockers were proven by brain scans to shrink neurons. Basically increasing the risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s.

Dr. James Balch, M.D., stresses that, unless your blood pressure is “excessively high”, you will live longer if you “don’t take” the blood pressure lowering medications, (and I totally agree). Our body is very adept at making adjustments, and does so in an appropriate manner, not just lowering everyone’s blood pressure to some arbitrarily contrived level. Even all self-appointed authorities don’t agree on what the appropriate level should be. Only our body can arrive at the optimum level, which will vary based on circumstances. The more closely you analyze each blood pressure medication, the more obvious it becomes they are all overriding critical functions, while contributing to a nutritional and oxygen deficiency in the process. That will eventually result in a worsening of the underlying condition. And as the condition worsens, another medication (with its own set of problems) is often added. As Dr. Bruce West often states, they are basically creating cardiac invalids, with the medications that even cardiologists (heart specialists) are placing their patients on. If anyone should be aware of the very best treatment for a particular condition, “it should obviously be” a specialist. Unfortunately, with traditionally trained M.D.s, that’s seldom true.

Not everyone’s blood pressure should be in what’s normally considered as “the ideal range”. If it were, many would be in serious trouble, due to a deficiency somewhere in the body or brain, (depending on where restrictions in the arteries might possibly be). The strength of the heart is also a factor. And as I mentioned earlier, the brain is always at the greatest risk of experiencing a deficiency.

The obvious objectives should be to clean out the blocked arteries, heal the weakened or damaged artery walls, and strengthen the heart if necessary, (all possible using natural therapies). It’s normally the medications that are contributing to the problem to begin with, so eliminating them is important. The problem is, traditional doctors’ only resources are drugs and surgery. You can’t possibly heal an organic body, or brain, with some inorganic chemical created in some lab, (the very reason most doctors claim that there is no known cure for most conditions)! The truth is, there normally is a cure, (something most natural practitioners are fully aware of). Also, new and better cures are continually being discovered. Due to most traditional doctors’ restricted medical training, they will likely never hear of them, unless changes are made. For one thing, disease prevention is much more cost-effective. Only then, can we ever expect to have a true health care system. A system based on disease prevention, and true healing, rather than the dependence on symptom suppressing drugs as the only solution.

Incidentally, the traditionally trained M.D.’s who have re-trained since graduation, specializing in nutrition and disease prevention, experience far more success with their patients. They are in the greatest demand, even if their therapies and supplements are not covered by insurance.

Source by David W Tanton

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