World Fringe Day: 70 years of risky, revolutionary theatre

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World Fringe Day: 70 years of risky, revolutionary theatre

Edinburgh fringe was born in 1947 and its spirit is felt at festivals across the world, where talent is spotted and careers are forged

If youve been lamenting that you somehow overlooked Take Your Dog to Work Day then its time to perk up, particularly if you love theatre. Today marks a new event on the international calendar: Edinburgh international festival (EIF) were refused entry. They decided to perform in Edinburgh during August anyway, resulting in the idea of an open-access, satellite event that is not curated in any way and where all-comers are welcome. Those eight companies have now risen to 3,398 companies on the in some contexts, has taken on negative connotations, as if it might be less worthy of your attention than what is programmed in an official festival. However, it is at fringe festivals across the world from Melbourne and fringe and official programmes as companies work on different scales and in different contexts.

The significant rise in the number of fringes around the world now around 200 suggests that there is a growing audience for such events, just as there is a growing appetite for literary festivals and music festivals. Even little Morecambe is just about to launch one. They are certainly good for the local economy. The Forest Fringe taking a break this year started the trend in Edinburgh, and

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